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Accountancy Services Online – FAQ’s

Do you outsource abroad?
No not at all, all our team work for “Solutions”. You will not be put through to foreign call centres and you will always speak to a real person


It’s nearly the end of my financial tax year and it’s a bit last minute. What should I do?
Sign up for ‘Get it Done!‘ or ‘Limited on Time!‘ and we can get everything done in one go. However if you have less than 21 days before the deadline, please give us a call first to check that we can get everything completed in time.


I want to leave. What notice do I need to give?
We are confident that this will be unlikely but we ask that you give us 30 days notice.


What areas do you cover?
We cover the whole of the UK, but if you are based in Yorkshire we would love to see you at our Huddersfield offices.


Business has got very busy all of a sudden and my transactions have doubled. What can I do?
Obviously we will see when this happens and we will requote based on the number of transactions. If your business is likely to fluctuate a lot you can pay as you go instead.


Will I have my own point of contact?
Yes you will have one person as your main point of contact and who will know your business. However all our team are excellent and can always help you out.


It all seems like a bit of hassle posting everything to you
Not really, shove all of your paperwork into the envelope and send it to us, we will then send it back. Certainly a lot easier that doing it all your self!!


I really need more regular contact with my accountant than this
That’s fine with us and if you are based in Yorkshire we would love to quote you for that level of service.


Is my data safe?
Absolutely everything is 100% secure.


How can I pay?
We can take payment via credit and debit card, Direct Debit, Standing order, Bank Transfer or even via Pingit (via your phone).


Why do you only use Xero and Sage One
We find both of these user friendly and believe that they are suitable for any small business.


How do I know you really exist?
You can contact us via many ways: phone, email, write to us or even pay us a visit! You can also take a look at our well established business or connect with our MD Vicky Newham on LinkedIn.

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